Drug Test with the Use of Urine

So, do you need to take a DOT physical Jacksonville test? Urine and blood tests can tell company or employer whether you are an active user or not including the type of drug used. You can pass the test if the results of the test are negative, which means no drugs are found in your system. Have you ever thought how long drugs in urine and blood will last?


Tests to check drug levels in the body are called toxicology tests or toxicology screening. A technology test is carried out to check for the presence of drugs or chemicals such as drugs in urine, blood, and saliva. As you already know, drugs such as drugs can enter the body’s system by being swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through the skin. Tests can also be done on the contents of the stomach and sweat. However, the latter two are very rarely done.

A toxicology test can recognize up to 30 different types of drugs in one test. The type of medication is not limited to narcotics groups only. The toxicology test can also detect official drugs for medical treatment, such as aspirin, vitamins, supplements, and even detect blood alcohol content.

Drug screening can be done with a urine test in a hospital or health clinic, in the same way as when you check urine for certain diseases. There is no special preparation before undergoing this test. But usually, there will be the same sex officer with you who will supervise and make sure you do not enter something or tamper with urine samples that can change the original results. This is about the procedure to undergo a urine test for drugs:

– Wash your hands and make sure you are clean when taking the urine
– Take the container used to put your urine. Do not touch the inside of the container with your hands
– Clean your genitals with tissue or cloth
– Begin urinating as usual, but urine must be stored in the sterile container. Make sure the container is filled with urine about 90 mL
– Make sure your urine sample is not contaminated with other objects such as toilet paper, feces, blood or hair

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