Know This Before You Manage Your Storage

In a storage area, things that we don’t want often happen, such as items lost, damaged, or moved without you knowing. As a result, information about the amount of stock you have is different from the amount of physical stock in the warehouse. Especially with a large number of items in a large or even 迷你倉.

Check goods regularly. See if the items in the warehouse still match the information in the report that you hold. This is so that you can find out when there are items that are lost and damaged periodically.

“With Stock Opname you can find out which items are lost and damaged or which are not in accordance with the inventory report”

Provide Code for Each Item

Give the code for each item that exists, especially if you sell various types of goods with many colors, motifs or models. The code on each item helps you to find out which items are more specific at the time of sale. For example, to distinguish the color of the code given is Green = HJ, White = PT, Red = MR, etc.

A concrete example is when there is a customer who buys a black shirt with an HTML code, then you as a seller immediately know that the shirt that the customer bought is a black shirt. If you do not provide a code for so many items, chances are you will have difficulty in finding the item. Imagine if you only rely on the name of the item, how long will the name you use when describing a specific item? This will later bother you.

“The code on each item helps you to determine the type of item specifically”

Using the Stock Stock Management Application

Managing a large number of goods is very troublesome if you only use pens and paper. Because that way is prone to mistakes. Use an application that can help you manage your stock in a warehouse. Thus recording such as going in and out of goods, moving goods and checking items can be done easily. In addition, documents from each activity in the warehouse will be recorded in the system so that the work becomes more time-saving and energy-saving. Try to use an ERP system.

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