Types of Hairdryers for Different Hair Types

What is your hair type? Is it dry, oily or normal? Everyone has different hair types. This is what affects the selection of hairstyles, then adjusted to the shape of the face. Now there is a lot of information about haircut pieces, one of them through the Black Health and Wealth website. On the website, there are various kinds of hair models that are tailored to the shape of a woman’s face, especially for black women.

During choosing a hairstyle, you will usually use a lot of equipment, one of which is a hairdryer. Hair dryers are used to dry hair, especially when you are in a hurry to leave. So this tool is the main solution for fast dry hair. Did you know that using the wrong blow dryer can make your hair look dull and dry? If you choose a hair dryer that matches your hair type and in the right way, you can avoid your hair from damage. The following is how to choose a hair dryer based on the type of hair you should know because not all types of hair can be compared with every use of hairdryers:

– Dry hair
For those of you who have this hair type, you should choose a blow dryer with tourmaline, so that the moisture of the hair is maintained while drying. Hairdryer tourmaline emits infrared heat and negative ions make the heat coming out feel softer on the hair, making the hair look shiny and not expand when dry.

– Oily Hair
Oil glands that are overactive due to high hormone levels cause hair to often appear flat and dandruff. Dust and dirt become more attached so that the hair looks dull. For those of you who have oily hair, avoid tourmaline. Choose a regular blow dryer, and give a distance of about 20-30 cm when drying welcome.

– Normal hair
This type of hair is not greasy, but also not dry. Any treatment method is easier than other hair types. The use of temperatures that are too hot can make the hair dry and expand. To dry it, avoid temperatures that are too high on the hairdryer, choose the medium heat temperature.