Top CBSE School in Electronic City That Worth to Try

Finding a good school is not easy thing, we have to know about their quality, the way they teach the students or even school’s facilities. Almost every parent is always concerned about it. So, if you live in Bangalore and feel confused when decide the best school for your kids, just check the information about 3 top CBSE school in Electronic City below.

1. Treamis World School

Treamis World School is one the top CBSE School in Electronic City. It is located in Bangalore, which is promoted by so many professionals with their international educationists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs and etc. This school is very suitable for you who want to make the kids get well-educated.

This school offers age-appropriate, child-centric curriculum and CBSE. It uses teaching methodology by exploring students through the class. Not only focusing in academics part, Treamis World School also have so many programs that consist of Art, Music and Sport as the student’s interested of.

2. Army Public School

Army Public School as one of the most discipline school in Bangalore. This school timing is from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm, which is very normal like the other school. But the difference is that they will not provide laptop to the students, they only allow to learn by reading and increase the writing skills as well. It also provides the facilities that so amazing, such as different type of courts in school which students can play sports such as basketball, football or even jump track for athletes.

3. Edify School

Edify School is one of the top CBSE School in Electronic City that very popular and worth to try. This is an International school that follows CBSE syllabus. It will equip the students with the confidence and skills to explore everything, especially knowledge. It has so many classes, from the Kindergarten to Grade V.

That’s all the information about 3 Top CBSE School in Electronic City that very good for your kids. If you want to get your kids into this school, make sure you have known everything by checking their official website. Hope it will be useful for us.