Learn Some Tips for Choosing Flower Buckets in Accordance with Wedding Themes

Wedding certainly will not be complete without a beautiful flower bucket. Flower buckets are considered a complementary atmosphere so that the wedding atmosphere remains warm and beautiful. In fact, flowers have long been a symbol of love in many places. For that, make sure you choose the flower bucket that is right for the wedding theme. The other thing you need to pay attention to is where you can get the flower bucket. The one you can choose is floristerias medellin .

To choose flower buckets that match the theme of the wedding. There are a number of things you should pay attention to beforehand. Below are some tips for choosing flower buckets that match the theme of the wedding.

1. Round
Round or round shape is usually the most common flower shape and we often see it at various weddings. The round and simple shape is suitable for all types of wedding themes and is also suitable for all types of wedding clothes. So it is safest to choose this wedding hand bouquet.

2. Pageant
Pageant or arm sheath bouquet is more used for modern wedding styles. The shape of the flowers stem which is left to elongate is usually carried by placing it on the arm by holding it like it is “cradling” so it is also called arm sheath.
The flowers commonly used in the Pageant hand bouquet are Cala lilies, Gladius, Rose with long stems, or Larkspurs flowers.

3. Cascade
Cascade, also known as a bouquet shower, has a characteristic shape that dangles down. It is suitable for formal weddings or traditional wedding events. The composition of the flowers is at the top then narrows down dangling coupled with filler leaves so it looks more sophisticated. The themes of outdoor weddings such as green botanical, rustic, and garden party are very suitable for this type of cascade.

By knowing the right bucket flower, you will be able to adjust it to the theme and dress of your wedding. Flower buckets will greatly affect your overall appearance.