Some Work Choices That Are Right For Introverts

Some people who feel introverted will challenge themselves to be more flexible in public appearances and socialize. However, some introverts are still looking for jobs where they don’t have to deal with too many people and can focus on themselves. On the other hand, you might also want to take a look at the directgov jobs online.

Some professions that can be the right choice for introverts are:

Social Media Manager

Apart from the word “social” attached to this profession, but actually managing social media is a job that is mostly done alone from behind the scenes. The main task of a general social media manager is to create content and handle all activities of a brand on an online platform. Generally, social media managers will work with several colleagues in one company, while there are also several social media managers who work more freely and do not have to go to the office. To be sure, social media managers will spend more time and communicate online than face to face.

Artists and art craftsmen

If you have artistic talent and creative spirit, being an artist or artisan is a perfect profession for you. Whatever the medium, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, textiles, etc., the art world is an industry that values one’s imagination. As an artist, you will also spend more time alone in the work.


Generally, introverts will pay more attention to detail and have a sharper perspective than others. This unique perspective can be a provision to become a reliable photographer who can produce cool photos from different angles. As a photographer, you can work independently or for a company.


Many famous writers admit that they are introverts. Like a lot of calm and personal time, being a writer is the most natural career choice for an introvert who is easier to communicate his thoughts through writing than oral. Today, you don’t need to find a publisher so your writing can be read by people. Simply by creating a blog, Wattpad, or on any social media, you can display your work and it is not impossible to attract the attention of publishers who are interested in your talent.