Three Problems Becoming a Barrier to Logistics Business

Improving the logistics system should not be carried out in a sectoral manner but needs to involve all parties in overcoming various problems related to logistics infrastructure. Customs Sydney logistics business is a business that has fast growth in the range of 15-20 percent per year. But unfortunately, many companies did not develop due to constraints such as infrastructure, lack of professional human resources, and lack of awareness to collaborate. Provision of adequate logistics infrastructure will encourage national industry growth. This is because the movement of goods or commodities from producing regions to consumers can be done effectively and efficiently. Logistics improvement is very important because it is closely related to connectivity and tariff efficiency so that it no longer causes a high-cost economy. “Our logistics should not be missed, partly because the infrastructure is not good and because we (the country) are islands, the problem is that,”

Logistics companies have a long history. Logistics is the optimization of the use of capital to get the right goods or products, in a fast period of time and with the number of goods, the condition of the right goods and with more affordable expenditure, by still providing profits to service providers or logistics companies. With such understanding, logistics services continue to aim to provide balance in two things that are difficult to harmonize, namely by lowering costs but also maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.

The interest that is profitable for two things, namely determining the price for shipping services that must be low. Because high prices will make consumers not want to use this service. However, the quality of goods sent is maintained, making logistics management conditions change. This causes the distance of delivery to be far more difficult and makes the logistics company consider the price given.