Tricks you can use for securing your smartphone

Many iPhone users are not aware that some of the applications have access to the camera, microphone, and can even view photo galleries. In fact this is very dangerous for the security of your iPhone. Apart from that, try to use the phonefactor agent system if you feel insecure about your current level of security on your smartphone.

To anticipate hackers who can come from an application to break into some important data, you can limit the permission of the application to access information. The way to go to the Settings menu, then select the tab “privacy”. In this section, you can sort out what information you allow to be accessed by the application by turning it off.

Turn off notifications

Don’t underestimate notifications or notifications that appear on the lock screen. This is because notifications that appear on the lock screen can be seen by other people or hackers and used for activities that can harm you. Therefore you must be careful with this. You can anticipate this by turning off notifications until finally limiting other people to target information about you from notifications that appear on the lock screen.

Turn off Siri

Just like notifications, Siri can run even if your iPhone is locked. Therefore, other people or hackers can use it to ask questions about you so they can bring up personal information. To turn it off, select the Settings menu, then “Touch ID & Passcode” and turn off Allow access when locked on Siri.

Disable the AutoFill Feature

Finally, the step to safeguard iPhone security from hackers is by turning off the AutoFill feature. Although this feature makes typing work easier, you must remember that this feature can be very dangerous when your iPhone is in the hands of someone else or a hacker.

When the iPhone is in the hands of these hackers they can use the AutoFill feature to break into your username and password. Therefore the choice of deactivating the AutoFill feature is the right choice. How to turn off this feature is by tapping Settings, then select General and Passwords & AutoFill.