These are the Three Most Famous Beaches in Lombok

Doing property investment is indeed an option for many people. In fact, there are many people who choose this to manage their finances in the future. One of the things that need to be addressed in choosing property investment is a strategic location. Lombok is one of the strategic locations that many have chosen to invest in property. In fact, there is now as one of the famous property investments in Lombok.

Lombok is indeed known as a tourist spot that has been chosen by many international tourists. No wonder this place is very strategic for property investment. In Lombok itself, there are several beaches that are very crowded by international tourists. Some of the beaches in question are

1. Tanjung Aan Beach
The natural beauty that is on Lombok cannot be doubted. This beach is one of them. This very beautiful beach has a coastline about 2 kilometers with a location surrounded by hills and cape. One of the interesting phenomena of this beach is the existence of a very beautiful umbrella or nail monument that makes this place a very famous beach on Lombok.

2. Gili Trawangan
This is one of the places that must be visited by tourists when visiting Lombok. Don’t be surprised, that
in this one tourist destination you will be free from air pollution because there are no motorized vehicles in the area.

3. Kuta Beach
Many people think that Kuta Beach is only in Bali. In fact, Lombok also has Kuta Beach which is no less beautiful than the one in Bali. This beach is also a beach that is always crowded with foreign tourists. No wonder, if you will see many international tourists on this beach. Make sure you come to this beach when you are in Lombok.