Pay attention to Head, Heart, and Hands to Stay Away from Drugs

we have often heard the term 3H which needs to be noticed and emphasized for a better life. First H-Head, (head), we fill the head of the brain with science, in the sense that we continue to learn so that we can face and respond to various realities in human life. The second H is the Heart, providing the heart of faith (Faith) and our Devotion to God so that we have a noble character of the character. The third H is Hand, in the sense that skills, must be trained in various skills in order to be able to go through various developmental situations and be able to address every issue of a life well. Aside from that, try the ayahuasca treatment if you want to try a more traditional way of curing your addiction.

These three matters, if they go hand in hand balanced and continue to be developed, will be very helpful in living life. There are still many term terms that we can use as guidelines in living life. Have we ever tried to examine what can make us weak to run a life, anything that can hinder so that our lives are no longer knowledgeable, feeling, and skilled.

If you look at the dangers of narcotics, you can draw a correlation between drug abuse and how to be knowledgeable, feeling, and skilled.

It was stated that the effects of self-abuse of drugs were disruption of brain function, reduced memory impairment, behavioral / mental-social disorders, and decreased moral values and even led to criminality.

When people have become drug addicts, of course, it is very difficult to be able to become a knowledgeable, sympathetic, and well-skilled human. With the decline of moral values in a narcotics person further it will worsen the relationship in the family to be in harmony.

Families that are full of problems affect life in the community. If this is allowed and drugs attack all segments of society, over time it will become cultured, maybe our community will be led by addicts or drug dealers.