Things You Need to Know about Embroidery Machine Needles

Needles is one of the important aspects of embroidery machine. Choosing the right needles for your machine might be so confusing. You need to consider it when shopping for needles. Are you looking for store Embroidery Columbia Sc? There’s so many embroidery stores in Columbia you can found to get the high quality of kits. However, before buying your embroidery machine needles you have to look at the specifications first, like it should be consider to the type of fabric, thread and stabilizer you are going to use. Here are the things about embroidery machine needles you need to know.

Embroidery Machine Needles

Machine embroidery needles have a round side and a flat side that fit into the machine properly. This needles have various parts called shaft, eye, shank, point, and groove. It is important for you to consider the different parts of needle and how it works to use for a specific project. You might feel difficult to differentiate each part, so you should check the advice about what size needle to buy for your embroidery machine.

Embroidery machine needles have a specially-shaped scarf and a longer eye to suit more threads and not fray or break them. The needles vary in size between 70-110 mm or 7-10 mm (US). It is depends on what type of fabric, thread and stabilizer you are using and the stitch of your embroidery design.

Universal point is the most commonly used embroidery needles. It has a slightly rounded tip between ballpoint and sharp points. Most kinds of stabilizers and fabrics are use this point. You can use sharp point needles if you are using fine stabilizers.

That’s all about the things you need to know about embroidery machine needles. Using the right needles for your machine is important to make a beautiful embroidery designs.

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