What Did You Know About the Way How Wifi Works?

During this time we only use wifi without thinking about how to work from the wifi. The workings of a little wifi can be taken from the sense of wifi which is that the wifi network is the same as a cell phone that uses radio waves to be able to deliver information. Computers or cellphones that want to be connected by wifi must have a wireless adapter that is useful for translating data information carried by radio waves. This radio signal will be sent through the antenna to be received by the router. After the data is translated, the data will be connected to the internet via connection of ethernet cable. Do the wlan RF site survey to find out the best place to locate the wifi tool you choose from.

As already explained in terms of wifi that wifi is a tool for downloading or uploading data, it turns out that wifi also has functions that are not just that. Wifi can also be used as a wireless network. Initially, WiFi was only used for local networks, but along with the development of technology, wifi can now be used for the internet. Maybe if you are in a public place you would prefer to use wifi instead of having to use a quota. By using wifi, you can browse more freely without worrying about the internet data running out. So if your school or campus facilitates wifi, then make the best use of it and of course use it for positive things.

Wifi also has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages possessed by wifi include using our wifi more practical because its use can be moved anywhere. Second, almost all technology devices already support WiFi networks. The drawback is data security that must be considered more. Second, signal. Even if you can move freely, pay attention to its range because of the farther its reach, the slower the connection. That was the brief explanation of the understanding of wifi, how it works up to the advantages and disadvantages of wifi.

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